Body Work

Progress_UpdateI just wanted to post a quick update for the work I’ve done on the model so far.  Originally, I had planned to complete this project piece by piece, finishing the head, then finishing the body, and so on.  Instead, I’ve gone a different route and started broadly modeling the whole thing before getting carried away with details.  There are a few reasons I find this a better way to work.  I want to make sure the model works as a whole and solve any problems as early as possible before going in with the finer details.  I also know my style and technique tends to evolve and improve over the course of a project, especially one as long-term as this, and I don’t want to finish the head first only to go back and improve it later.

I plan to work from head to toe getting everything rough in, then toe back up to head with the details.  I’m going to have to redo what was already a very tentative schedule, but I think I will actually finish the modeling a bit faster than anticipated this way.  Hopefully I can have all the 3D modeling done by summer.  More posts to come as this comes together.

I think I will be designing the thigh holster mechanics next.  The design I have planned is actually pretty close to the mechanics used in the helmet, so that process should be much quicker.


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