Concept in progress

Not a whole lot to post yet, as I’m still in the process of getting all the concept work finished for this character.  I’m liking where it’s heading so far.  I thought the main concept was done about a week ago, but after coming back to it, I started making some changes that I think really helped.

Looking back through my sketchbooks, I started to see how much this project had been building up, even before I officially started working on it.  Just pages and pages of ideas, designs, diagrams and quick sketches.  So I’m not going into this thing with a blank canvas, and I’ve had a pretty good idea of what I wanted for a while.  But when you sit down to really flesh something like this out, you start to realize just how much you still haven’t figured out.  When doing the concept work, I feel like I tend to get the first 80% of the design done pretty quickly, and all my time after that is spent sorting out the smaller details.

When I was getting started with this whole thing, I scanned all the pages in my sketchbook that related to this project.  While not everything below was done as part of the Orchid Mantis project, it all contributed in some way, guiding me to the final design I’m working on now.  This collage is more or less a timeline of my ideas, with the newest on top and the very first sketches I did a few years ago at the bottom.  I always find it insightful to see the progression of ideas, and if you’re reading this, maybe you will too.



Over two years worth of ideas and exploration

Project Start


Ver. 1 – My first attempt at this character

The Orchid Mantis Project is something I’ve been wanting to tackle for a while, and I decided to finally give it a go.  This whole thing started as a one-off character from my sketchbook a few years ago that has grown into something more.  When I originally designed her, I was still learning a photoshop and digital painting techniques, so it was mostly to gain some practice.

While at San Diego Comic Con that year, I had a portfolio review from some of the professionals there.  They looked over it and gave me some good advice on changes I could make to the character.  After coming back home, I wanted to take another shot at it.


Ver. 2 – Redesigned after some feedback





Version 2 was more satisfying to me, and I learned a lot while working on it.  During my senior year in college, I decided to make this character part of my thesis project.  After a some further sketching, I wanted to do another version to fit the overall project, and push the insect features further.


Ver.3 – Pushing the Mantis features





After the 3rd version, I was satisfied with the direction it was going.  At the same time, I started getting into some 3D printing projects.  One project I really wanted to tackle was making an action figure.  I figured why not make one of this character I’ve been working on?  Once again, I wanted to redesign it, this time to work as an articulated figure.


Ver. 4 – Adding in some physical function





Since it was going to be a figure, I thought it would be cool to try to work in some little features, like making the helmet open, or giving it some small transformative features.  I’m writing this blog as a way to keep myself accountable to this project and keep a log of my progress.  Hopefully it can also serve as a guide to anyone else interested in doing something like this.

I’ve given myself a year to finish this thing.  Here in January, I am working on some new concepts and breakdowns for the figure (officially Version 5).  By March, I want to be modeling in 3D, and start some prototyping by May.  I’m looking forward to where this journey takes me.